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At our June 2022 council meeting, the Rejoice Fellowship Congregational Council voted on and approved the current mask protocol for our congregation. We are going to be relying on the Centers for Disease Control’s Community Level to determine whether a mask is required or optional in our worship space. This level is specific to Anne Arundel County.

The CDC’s Community Level takes 3 indicators into account:
- New COVID-19 cases in our county in the past 7 days 
- New COVID-19 hospital admissions in our county in the past 7 days
- The percentage of inpatient hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients in our county in the past 7 days

Based on these 3 indicators, the Community Level is one of three possibilities: Low, Medium and High. 

For Rejoice Fellowship, if the Community Level on any given Sunday is Low or Medium, wearing a mask will be optional. If the Community Level is High, all people who enter our worship space will need to wear a mask. A mask will be provided if anyone doesn’t have one. We join with other ELCA congregations in our area utilizing a similar protocol for masking in our worship spaces.

The CDC updates its data weekly, Thursdays at 8pm. We encourage you to learn more about the CDC’s Community Level here:

If you have any questions about this protocol, please contact Pastor Maddie Tallman.